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Our Musgrave branch's senior membership consultant Craig Thomas achieved highest ever award
of '200 club' for the month of January.

Marek Burczak, group GM and Shakeel Cassim, Musgrave sales manager handed over the award.

Let your workout
fit your lifestyle

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At Muscle & Fitness we believe that your workout regime should always suit your lifestyle. So whether you're a busy executive, an on-the-go mom or someone looking to pump some iron or merely stay in shape, we've got something for everybody. Group fitness classes, indoor cycling, cardio equipment, station super-circuits and free weight training facilities, it's all here for you to create the workout that best suits your individual needs.

Fun, dynamic and safe... an all-in-one mix of functional, personal, cross fit, circuit, group and combat training. Welcome to the Queenax playground.

This is a high intensity cardio workout where you'll be using cannonball cast iron weights to build muscle, increase power and swing into your new look. Read more...

From beginners to experienced Yoga gurus, let Muscle & Fitness help you find your inner stretch. Read more...

It's Good
To Know

How to join

Contact your nearest Muscle & Fitness and one of our friendly consultants will help you out.

How old do I need to be to join?

You need to be at least 16 years old, however exceptions can be made for youngsters who are in good physical condition and able, provided a parent or guardian provides written permission.

Are there any costs other than the membership fee?

The only other cost involved is the once off R60 card fee. The rest you pay in hard work and sweat.